Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Iced Lavender

So, as I was boiling water to make lavender tea, I was remebering when my family and I went to the lavender show last summer in our little antique town. You could smell the enticing scent of lavender-everything before you even got close to the door. I remember all the wonderful scents and vast shades of purple as we walked in. There were lavender bunches tied with brown raffia, young and sprouting lavender in planting pots, lavender soap and popery, lavender-flavored honey and scented candles... And before the long and well-stocked table was a smaller one with lavender lemonade and cookies with purple icing! I was in awe, I never knew lavender had so much potential! I definitely wouldn't make dandelion cookies or iced plantain tea and hand it to you just like that! The couple who grow the lavender live just a couple streets away from us and keep lavender plants growing all around their house. The man that talked to me and my brother was such an influential person, I can still see his face as he told us how good God had been to them and how he and his wife have taught their whole family to love the benefits of lavender, as well as the beauty!

After my reminiscing, I decided to make my own version of lavender lemonade. Oh... no lemons. Well, we have pink oranges. So after I had strained the lavender water and let it cool, I juiced a pink orange and added that, stirred in some Stevia (natural sweetener - WAY healthier than sugar or Splenda!), and when I tasted it... not exactly how I imagined, so I poured in a little cranberry juice. Stiiiiirrrrrrred again and iced that glass - WOW - Mama Miá!!! And it was filling as an afternoon snack, I won't need to eat for hours now! But that's just me.

Lavender can be used to stop inflammation from minor burns and the oil has been used for centuries as a beauty product. As a tea, vapor rub, or oil inhalation, it is effective to treat colds, flu, pneumonia, and many brocnhial and throat issues. It's also a hard core decorative, and did you know that the color purple is believed to awaken creative thinking?

So here's what you do for one glass:

After you've boiled about 1 cup of water, turn the heat off, sprinkle 1-1/2 teaspoon of lavender flowers into that water and make sure you leave the pan on the stove to let it steep. While that's infusing, juice one orange/lemon and add to that... um... let's say a tablespoon of crandberry juice. Can you tell I do NOT use measuring spoons!? lol, Now your lavender water should be cooled sufficiently. Strain the lavender flowers from the water and mix your fruit juice with the water. Now, if you use sugar, add to at your own discretion. I put two packets of Stevia in mine. If you put that many packets of Splenda, it'll probably be too sweet. Ice, do not forget the ice, and voilá!

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