Thursday, January 13, 2011

Changes... lol, Apparently

Don't worry, this is still that southern girl's blog. lol... I decided to use that new template designer and now I'm obsessed it!! I might change it three or four times before something sticks. On the other hand... I just love this one. Like sunset colors.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let the Blood of Calvary Speak For Me

When the harvest has been gathered
And all my work is done
When the last mile has been traveled
And I've sung my final song
When I'm called to give an answer
At Heaven's judgement seat
Then let the blood of Calvary speak for me
May He write me down as righteous
Where no righteousness has been
Shielding me from wrath and judgement
As it covers all my sin
There's no work that I've accomplished
Nor my goodness I would plead
Just let the blood of Calvary speak for me
There may be some friends who'd witness
And speak a word so kind
But their voices would seem so feeble
At such an awesome time
But there's a voice that calls for mercy
Ringing through eternity
Just let the blood of Calvary speak for me