Monday, April 19, 2010


OK, at first glance, I thought, "It must be for the elderly." That was when I knew absolutely nothing whatsoever about herbs. But as I slowly started opening up to my Mom's obsession, it became mine as well! And I can't tell ya how grateful I am! Elderberry has the power to fight off and completely wipe out viruses. Every time I feel a cold coming on, I take about 4 capsules (most herbs are available in powder form capsules). So far, it only takes one dose, and the on-coming sickness gets the boot. If I wait too long, and the virus officially takes over my system, elderberry kills it. It does its job quickly, too. Elderberry is my favorite herb in curing viruses. Every body gets viruses, and some more frequently than others, but if you notice them coming in time, and faithfully take elderberry, it will 9 out of ten times keep your body under control. Taking it even after you feel all better is a good idea, as this will ensure that the virus is chased completely out of your system. I cannot begin to tell y'all how amazed I am at the power of this natural medicine!

So, you can buy elderberry capsules, or administer it naturally! Capsules alone work fantastically.

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