Monday, April 19, 2010

New Blog

I'm TRYING to get a new blog set up. Thus, I am in the process this minute. I'll still be posting on this blog (even though some of y'all may have thought I was DEAD!). lol... see, I'v been spending all my time planning for this second blog. Anyway, this blog will still be my photo/regular posting blog, and my new one will focus specifically on a few certain topics. Things I'm really passionate about - Biblical things. It's been easy on My Southern Sky to talk about anything, but I want to focus on mainly truth in this new blog. Truth is - I think we can all agree - fact and not man's opinions. truth is precious, and it is my passion. I'm soooooo excited to get it started! So in about a week (if you haven't already), you can check out my other blog at

♥ Thanks y'all!!! ♥

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