Sunday, February 6, 2011

I can remember some pretty warm days in January where I'd go out into the field and take pictures of my sister in a summer dress. Well, the last couple weeks have been snowy and slushy... and icy. You can see the first snowflakes on my Mom's rosemary bush. Yep, it is time down in the South to get cozy and warm by the fire (or infront of the tv with a thick blanket). I got so spoiled this year with the mild winter weather - not many snow-ball fights for me this year! I used to be a little snow bunny, but my little sister has taken over that roll! I did go slide on the frozen pavement one day! And I might go out again if it freezes again, but there's nothing worse than being wet and cold.

There's a lot to be thankful for this year. I'm going on a mission trip to Ukraine in May.... possibly April.... with my missionary friend that I've been with so many times! I'll be gone for a whole month and will come back to welcome home others who have also been gone. We'll be going mainly to the orphanage in the town my friend will soon be moving into permanently to continue her ministry. These kids in the orphanage are sent out at sixteen years old onto the streets, some finding comfort in drugs and alcohol, and few living a life where they feel loved and wanted. When we go to Ukraine, we'll be ministering to those kids, and encouraging them to find the very best and we'll be witnessing to them. My Russian-speaking skills are still pretty basic (lol) but I can say "Jesus loves you"! I'll mainly be there for the expirience and the opportunity to serve hundreds of kids living across the ocean! And I know I'll learn lessons that will last me my whole life, and I'll be so greatful to have learned them.
So, as I'm working hard to pay for the plane tickets and passport.... and ALL the other stuff, we're trying to stay warm down here! God is soooooooo good to give us all this moisture. Spring and summer should be beautifully green!

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