Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fun Stuff!

Well tonight when my brother and I, two other people from the youth group, and our youth pastor and his wife went out visiting our friends (which we never got to really do because we got lost twice and then another person wasn't even home) we got to talking about my trip I'm going on this weekend. They tried to get me convicted about not being there on Sunday (like they called me "a heathen child" and "an unfaithful wretch", "you sinner!".... but they were just kidding.... they're great. I love 'em!). Anyway, it did not convict me - just made me feel so loved and important (*snickers*)! They said "Ya know how you can't walk without your little toe? Well, you are like that toe - without you the church is disfunctional. We cannot operate without you. Even though you're little, you're a very vital part of the church." So I'm a very little person, yet so important! haha... They wanted to make me feel bad for leaving, and I kind of do feel bad.... I'm gonna miss ALL of them on Sunday!!!! We had fun tonight. They took my brother and I, and one of our friends to the donut shop...... yummmmmm.....

Actually, my friend and I had a show-down about Tech and Texas (the wretched Longhorns who are too bull-headed... haha... for their own good)! She tried the oldest attack in the book "You don't like Longhorns!? You're a sinner - you need to get right!" So I was classy and in such a sparkling way, replied, "Well, you know..... wisdom is justified of her children." Oh yeah - gotcha girl! (Check out Matthew 11:19 and you'll totally understand what I meant by this). Oh, I'm so proud of myself, I got her on that!

So, God bless all of you guys, (and gals), please pray for my trip with my missionary friend, that God will keep us safe. Ü Til next week!!!!

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