Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day weekend!!!! And everybody's at the lake, or out of town.... except my family and some others... we went to church today. Ü Hallelujah!!! haha..... anyway...

I just wanted to shout out a thanks to the soldiers who give their lives on the battle field every day for us and for their families. I can't express my gratitude for those few who are still willing to go straight to Irag after training, leaving their loved ones. I can only imagine how trying it is - probably a battle just getting on the airplane to leave! And the families who allow their sons (and daughters) to go fight...... it takes guts. Keep praying for our American soldiers, and pray for more to come. They need backup over there. Thank God for men of the past who believed in fighting for freedom - a godly and God-given freedom that they knew was a gift. Thank the Lord for men who have given their lives just so we could walk on free ground. I'm so glad I was BORN in a free country. I'm so thankful I was here to behold its days of glory and power. I'm greatful that I was allowed by God Almighty to live to see how great my America was before these days of darkness came. Thank you soldiers, and thank you God, especially, for giving me that.

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