Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Thoughts of......... Many Things

Y'all will have to forgive me for changing the blog so much. I'm just experimenting!!!!

I'm soooooooooooooooooo excited!!! Why? I'm going to camp!!! My church camp is in Colorado in the mountains...... oh man, I love it! I just love the mountains - almost as much as I love the beach. But Texas is "God's country" as we call it down here, and it is better than any place!!! I'm just so excited. Me and four of the girls in my youth group are going to be singing up there, a song called "I'm Still Amazed". It's a (sort of) fast, and definitely joyful song about how amazing it is that the Lord would do all he did for a horrible sinner like me. Y'all, if you knew my past, you'd be shocked at how I've changed - my speech, my thoughts, my actions - everything!!! Maybe I'll put my full-throttle testimony on here one of these days. I say full-throttle, because it's REALLY (well, maybe not REALLY) long!!! At camp, I get to give a devotion in our cabin, and I'm totally ready for that, but I'm nervous........ I've never given a devotion before. I'll post about it when I get back from camp. We're all going to leave after church, Sunday morning, and we'll be back Saturday. I think we're taking..... 58 kids approximately??? Truly, I'm not quite sure. But that's not counting adults or little kids. Up at camp, there's horse-back rides (but I might not do that, cuz it's just the little trail-riding thing and you have to wear helmets and the whole nine yards... so yeah) and there's a snack stand (which I won't be going to much, unless for water - I'm healthy! gotta stay healthy - no candy bars! well, maybe a Reese's or chocolate...), there's also a gift shop, a zip-line, hiking trips, sports, singing competitions, and a few other stuff. I'm going to get some disposable cameras and just use those up there - don't wanna chance my precious camera's existence! I can tell you one thing I won't be doing! I'm not going to meet anybody special (like some giddy girls who do go for that reason)! Anyway, I'm sooooooooooo excited!!!(have I mentioned that yet!?) I love camp, because you're surrounded by believers who just want to be with God on the mountain top. It truly is a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by God's awesome design of nature. The strong and jagged cliffs, and majestic trees that seem to whisper in the wind at night..... all this praises the Lord's name. Psalm 104 talks a lot about creation. Oh, I love it. Nature does praise the Lord. If nature, not able to talk or see, walk or shout, praises the Lord just because it's natural, wouldn't we also need to praise the Lord? He gave us mouths to praise him.... gave us eyes to see his miracles and read his Word.... our whole being, everything about our bodies ,was designed to praise the Lord in some way. It's so cool, and it makes God be shown all the more powerful!!

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