Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Name!!!

My family seems to have a thing for names. We are so interested in the meanings of names and their "histories". Especially me! I like to look up the origins of names like Liz or Pat, which are diminutives of Elizabeth and Patricia. OK, some names are weird, but they have so much meaning. Hildegarde, for instance, means "battle stronghold". I like names with meaning. But names that mean "born on Friday"--Afua--and similar others, are somewhat degrading in my view. Who wants to be named "pillow"? Yet this is what the name Cody means. And I happen to like the way this name sounds!!! My name means "ruler forever". I did a deep study on my name and found like four different meanings.... one I did NOT like one bit, another I found very pleasing. Ü "Honorable ruler" is one I really like, but the first I mentioned seems to be the most accurate. My name is also related to a Latin term for the heather plant, which thrives in desert places. One of my friend's middle names is Catherine, meaning "pure". I LOVE it!

So far this whole post has been random, but now I'll get down to the point. It does have something to do with a new name!!! My brother and I were looking at my cherished name-book a while back. I decided to look up Maximilian (which I think is so awesome!) and I happened upon Maximos. Both mean "greatest". I showed my bro and we laughed for a while about how funny it would be if one day I were to have a son (Lord willin') and name him Maximilian! "Come here, little Maxy!" No, just kidding. But then, something else happened! My brother starts calling me Maximos. So it is officially a new nickname--added to my beloved collection (there's many, many). It began the beginning of this year and is still holding out, hopefully forever, for I really do like this one a lot!!! Some are fading out lately... is it because I'm getting older and those other nicknames are just not for adults? Hope not. I wanna be called Pocahontas til Jesus comes back! lol :D

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