Friday, April 10, 2009

Words have a Purpose

I guess y'all watched the Inauguration Emancipation on TV in February? I and my family only watched little bits and pieces. But from what I watched, it was uneloquent and unmeaningful. Almost everyone there was filled with pride of heart and pride of life. And when you are filled with pride, your head will get REALLY big. Let me tell y'all - when you become prideful, your head can get sooooooo big, you'll start to think it's attractive while everybody sits around hissing about how silly you look. Pride can be detected in many ways. In the way you act, the way you walk or carry yourself, the way your eyes scan a room, or the way you speak. God gave us words to speak to express ourselves. He gave us beautiful words like 'beautiful'! Some of my favorite words are life, abundant, everlasting, endurance, strength, righteousness, justice, light, passion, glory, lucky, cabello (Spanish for horse :), mustang, free, liberty, gorgeous.... words are powerful and meaningful. They can refine or deform. Beak down or build up. Honor or disgrace. Puff up a heart (or head) or humble it. I say all that to say this - we are losing (and some have lost) the powerful, elegant and dramatic use of words. Some are content to know little about speech. But some are just totally ignorant! It's disgraceful! That's why I brought up the Inauguration. Did y'all listen to those people ramble on and on and on.......? Here's a short poem that I found in my Rod and Staff English book. The credit goes completely to them -

"One there is above all others,

Well deserves the name of Friend

His is love beyond a brother's,

Costly, free, and knows no end."

This is true poetry. True, meaningful words! Is there not someone in an influential position for America who is so eloquent and convincing? The Inauguration Emancipation shows just how loose we Americans are becoming with our speech. Just think - we have millions of words to choose from and yet we use (probably) only about 10% of them. I could be exaggerating, or I could be just right! Think - the Lord God gave us all those piles and bundles of words - and we use so little. How sad! What beautiful words we exclude from our vocabularies, leaving us dull and colorless. No secrecy or mystery. No charm or intelligence. My Mom use to harp on me about improving my vocabulary. I never really listened to her until now, and I'm practically repeating her words. I started trying to get a better grip of words just a few months ago. I'm sixteen now and I'm doing exceptionally well (I think)! It's not hard! This is just a thought. I'm not trying to convict you, just share what's in my heart. There are lovely movies in which the characters have particularly picked out words for them to speak. Life's words can't be that perfect - but it can be close. We speak a beautiful language, but most of the time it sounds harsh and dry because our speech is so 'limited'. It doesn't have to be that way......

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