Sunday, April 5, 2009


As ya'll will read in my 'Interests' on my profile, I am really into herbs - healing herbs. And just other natural healing foods. I learned about ginger root recently. Did y'all know that you can just stick a chunk of ginger root in the ground (moist ground) and keep the ground moist and in about 5 months, it's ready to harvest! Ginger is a rhizome - an underground root. The lady that wrote the lesson on ginger root said that she and her kids planted it by their outdoor AC unit so that it would send an aromatic scent throughout her backyard. The ginger flower is gorgeous!!! So exotic! But ginger root is where most of the nutrients lie. If you have motion sickness, an upset stomach, head ache, congestion, or mood disorders, it can help if you brew a tea or steep some in a hot bath - that especially helps high fevers to go down. Note: if you have an upset stomach, don't take a lot, because I did a while back and it ended with me throwing it all up!!! (hehe...) It's a spicy food, and therefore raises oxygen levels, and helps along blood circulation. If you're pregnant and have morning sickness, this can aid you. Ginger cleanses colons, heals colds and heals thinning blood, and it's used in other countries to make candy, ginger ale, and for pickling! I love learning about things that heal. Ü

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