Monday, April 23, 2012

Where are the Men?!

What is the difference between man and woman? In the garden - in the beginning - there was a vast difference. This world is forgetting it. I can honestly say, I only personally know a handful of "real men"...only a handful of "real women". And just because it's needed, I'll also say it is mainly the man-hating women of this world that have feminized, weakened, and demoralized everything masculine, moral, and just plain good. Women, step DOWN and be real women. Be humble, be meek. But right now, I'm talking about men :]

Men, will you PLEASE PLEASE step UP and be men again? We miss you. We, as in people who want to live God's way, men and women alike. Men who are so few of this kind need you to step up and be real men alongside them. Young women who are looking for godly, masculine men to lead their homes want you to step up. Kids who are hoping for a wonderful future need you to step up and pave the way before they are drowned in the deception of the rest of this world.

Sometimes I wish I was born back in the Old West days, where times were tough but good, and men were real men. And women were real women: keeping the home, holding up the fort and cooking the best meals ever known to man, raising wild, hard-working boys and strong, capable girls. Ya know, back in the days where a man had a vision and a mind determined enough to see it through. Back to the days where wives supported their husbands and stood by them through thick and thin, not criticizing or losing faith in their men. Back to the days where men saw a fight and joined in, if it was good. If it threatened all they had ever worked and hoped for. Like that billboard on the highway near my town, attributed to the Navy, "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of all who threaten it". There are fights worth fighting today. The struggle to keep parental rights alive (which is a wide range), the war against aborting children in the womb, the battle to end selling women and children as sex slaves in America (and around the world), the fight for the gospel. The fight for husbands to keep their wife's and children's hearts. We are in great need of fighters. Even if only in prayer. We need men who fight the good fight of faith.

One day when I am married to the most wonderful MAN on this planet, we are gonna have the most beautiful kids (Lord willing). Those kids are gonna grow up to be so smart and so strong and free-spirited. They are gonna know about Jesus, and grow to be real men and women. My kids, one day, will be raised that way and nothing will stop them from reaching their full height. I know, because that's what I pray for. They will be the most beautiful creatures this earth has ever seen. You are gonna want my son for a son-in-law, my daughter for a daughter-in-law. And unless the Lord comes back before they are grown, they're gonna want to be married sooner or later. I'm gonna be a very picky mom. My sons will marry real women, and my daughters will marry real men. So if you want to be related to my children someday, I encourage you to raise your children to be real men and real women. But I'm just talking about men right, to end this... Dear men, please PLEASE stay real men, and raise your sons in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, provoking them not to anger. My awesome daughter will need a real man someday. Dear wanna-be-men, please PLEASE become real men, and don't give your strength to women. Don't give your strength to that which destroys kings. Because you were made for greatness. You were made to be a king and a priest in this world, in the image of Christ. Now will the men please PLEASE stand up?!

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