Thursday, February 23, 2012


Can miracles happen every day? I believe so! To think that a perfect and pure, Almighty God would send down his only Son to die so that a wretch like me could be saved. That is a miracle. That I am his treasure - that is a miracle.That he would answer amd honor a prayer of mine, any prayer at all, that is a miracle. That he would answer prayers, more than one a day, THAT is a miracle!!!
This song...How Deep the Father's Love for Us...

My life is a song. Once shattered and broken by sin, barely surviving, oppressed by the devil and bound in chains of sin...
I am free now. I am whole. Can it be? But it is! It's real! ...I'm SAVED! And it is a miracle.
Thank you, God, with heart aching inside my chest. Thank you, Jesus, for coming to save me!

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