Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Year's End

I can't believe that almost a year ago we started 2011! It has been a very long year. But it was over so quickly! I think what I have learned this whole year is that I have to know myself.
Know thyself, the Greek aphorism.
None of us ever arrive - on this earth. And I'm still growing into the woman of God I will be one day... and when I've reached that point, I will still be growing more into a woman of God. I'm learning that my way of thinking is in fact upside down, and in turn, the Lord has been flipping my world upside down so that I may finally see right side up! I've learned more about life and death. Have you ever felt like you were dying inside? Ever felt like a martyr at heart? Let me tell you - God is there too. He hasn't left me this whole long year. He's helped me, he is my Great Helper. The lifter up of my head. I have not fallen to the ground once without him. He is there.
Peace on earth, joy to the world, and praise God in the fires of life. So true - Isaiah 24:15

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