Wednesday, June 15, 2011

They say you never know what you've got until it's gone. I have found that what you have may not always be gone for good, but while it's gone, you realize what you had and that it might just have meant the whole world to you. And you desperately want it back. My brother recently went on a trip with our cousin. Just for a while. But it was so hard for me to be without him for that short amount of time. He is almost like my second! Seeing him walk through that door tonight was like sunshine shining through the clouds... or like sparkling rain during a drought. There's other loved ones that have been gone for a while. I'm seeing that, as more time goes by, all I can remember are the good times, and how much they meant to me, instead of all the times they made my blood boil cause I was so angry or they just made me cry! When it's that love that Christ works in you, it makes all other memories fade away except the ones that help you appreciate them more. Knowing what you've had, and now that it's gone... makes me wonder why I got so mad or why I allowed some things to hurt me so much. And then when you get back into routine and life starts to become normal again, it's easy to let frustration take hold again when you may not agree. Then all I have to do is remember how much I learned to appreciate them and how much more glad I am that they're here, rather than far away. It's thankfulness. It changes the whole perspective. A thankful heart. We are given so much that we take for granted, me especially. Take it from someone who knew the power of thankfulness and left it for a season. I have been blessed! I am so blessed. We never know how long we have. Life is too short to complain or take all we've been given for granted. I've got to praise Him as long as I breathe.

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