Saturday, May 15, 2010

What's Comin' This Summer

This summer will not be like any ordinary summer. See, I won't be pursuing any extravagant vocation or career. I AM graduating soon and am so excited! I won't be getting a real job (i.e. Starbucks, Cavender's, Aeropostale...) and I won't be going to college. Online coarses that teach on herbalism and (*ahem*) medicine woman classes. lol Ü I'll also be focusing on the tasks at hand here in the lovely Southwest, meaning horses.... what else? And now that my camera has been recovered after it went missing for two months, I can resume photography!!! My Dad rescued it... it has hardly left my side ever since.

I think it's been a hard year so far for all of us. Nothing's gonna get better, let me tell ya. Sinners, get ready, Jesus is coming. Christians, get ready, we'll be going home soon! I'm praying almost every day... "Lord, come and take us away soon." Don't lose heart, y'all. He hears. He sees. He wants to come. He's waiting on the Father.

I have resolutions for this summer.... master piano and guitar (yeah right), take even MORE pictures than last year, keep riding, keep up with friends who are graduating, and make sure I don't lose sight of the Lord. I can't breathe without Him.... nobody can. I plan on planting many seeds in people's hearts this whole year. Seeds of the gospel. Especially this summer when I'll have so much more time. And I plan on reaping what I sow. There's not much else to say right now. This post has been on hold for about a week now and I wanna get it DONE. So, there's the Southern Summer, probably with more on the way!

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