Saturday, July 25, 2009


Reach The World
It all starts with just one voice

That takes a stand, that makes a choice

To live for God and not hesitate

To tell the world about amazing grace
One day that seed somehow breaks through

Where there was one, there now stands two

And soon another takes his hand

A ray of hope that spreads across the land.
Across the mountains.

Across the sea.

Soon other's join in harmony.

They've found the cross still standing strong.

And soon a mighty chorus sings along.
Go reach the world, touch one more soul

Bring one more lamb back to the fold.

Each soul another flag unfurled.

Each voice another chance to reach the world.
Don't let me pray, Lord, for wealth or fame.

A spark that sets the world aflame.

But help me reach the lost and alone

Tell of joy and hope where hope was gone.
-Mark Bishop

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