Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ways God Shows Himself

How has God shown himself real to you? Do you even believe in Him? If not, you may haven't ever given him a chance to prove Himself real. I have many proofs of His existence in my own life, and I'd like to share them with y'all. 1 - He saved my soul! 2 - He is merciful to all these wicked people that I know of. If I was in God's authoritative position, I'd have zapped those bad guys by now! 3 - And, God is merciful to me. I'm a wanderer, a prodigal daughter you might say. I am so unfaithful to my Savior, but every time I turn back to Him, He shows me mercy and opens His arms to me. The peace I get is enough proof, and you can see it in the Christian's face. 4 - I've seen him save a weak baby's life. I've seen Him save a man from cancer - the guy had a 15% chance of living! I've seen him give me the baby sister I prayed for even after my Mom lost a baby before her, and I had given up. I've seen shy, private and quiet family members of mine suddenly receive fiery passion for God that I never thought they were capable of. 5 - You can't possibly, truly believe that this beautiful world - all the rocks, trees and mountains - not even the heavens - got here by accident. How could one big bang create everything? Things can't just turn from one thing to another by it's own will. We cannot make one hair on our head white or black by our own will. (yeah, there are dyes, but that's not the point) You can't grow your hands into feet by free will. Evolution is IMPOSSIBLE! The Bible says creation speaks for itself, in that it was created. 6 - If evolution isn't real, ofcourse reincarnation is, right? NO! Explain how this is possible? That's what I thought - you have NO total, sensible explanation for that either. Yet, man strives for something more than life - more life! "PLEASE! Oh, let me live more! There must be something more to life than this!" And you people who think that way - wanting more life - are absolutely normal. It makes perfect sense that there is a soul in man, and the verse in the Bible "To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord" makes perfect sense to me! And if we are present with the Lord, where is He? Heaven, where else? It is truth, my friends. And I will own to this - that truth is often stranger than fiction. Only some narrow-minded fool, who is too afraid to hope in something wonderful would reject this truth. Yet, many people do reject. And it breaks my heart, because they are causing themselves pain and hopelessness. Oh sinner, believe and come home to Jesus and receive His grace. You can't reject it - you know it's true. No man alive can truly reject this truth in their heart. There is a place in our hearts that is reserved for God alone - put in us when were created by Him. Only HE can fill that place, that empty place.

It's truth and it's no joke. God is real, and He proves Himself to us every day. In one of the books of Psalms, it says (speaking of God) "...who walketh upon the wings of the wind." God does. He is present in our lives daily. He gives us every day that we live, every breath is form Him. How sweet He is, and how merciful to let us wretched people live each day. We lie, curse and steal, murder and commit adultery, but God loves us and gives us second chances - many times a day. God shows Himself to us, He proves Himself. He is real, and the reality is terribly wonderful. So, the next time you feel a little lost in the maze of life, confused about everything inbetween, or just wanting someone to listen, remember God is always there, ready to help. The Bible says he is "...a very present help in trouble." He will show Himself very real to you if you ask him to.

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