Friday, February 8, 2013


 I used to look down on guys for staring at a scantily dressed girl. It made me so mad!!! I mean, come on guys. Do you want to be pure or not? Do you really want to have a pure mind for your wife? Or does every man secretly fantasize about random women dressed in low-cut shirts and short skirts? Is that all it takes!!?
Then I realized that guys were just reacting to something very natural inside of them called hormones and that it is very difficult for the poor guys to keep their testosterone levels from exploding when they see so much skin and -- yeah -- its a big deal! So I started to look down on all the girls out there who expose as much of their bodies as they can without going nude. It really got my blood to boiling! I have brothers, a Dad, and an amazing ♥man♥ in my life. That's not very fair to them when they see girls walking around Walmart dressed in such a way.
But then I realized, not only that the heart of man is desperately wicked and deceitful above all things, but also that we are all extremely pressured by society in the area of clothing. Or lack thereof...

She was walking through the grocery store on a Monday afternoon. She was beautiful. And thin. And blond. I won't even describe her clothes. Let's just say it was February of this year, and though we had 70 degree weather that day, she was not anywhere near a beach! Her long hair was pulled back in a pony tail and had tucked a plumeria flower behind her ear, making her appear girlish and "innocent". Heavy eye make up and glossy lips...anyway...

Bait. That's exactly what she was.

She casually strolled past the fish and meat department. I was expecting a lot of heads to turn, and I was right! It was kind of amusing. The guys who were supposed to be handling raw meat and cutting up fish had all left their posts and congregated together, gawking at her. The male shoppers all stopped what they were doing to look. Men, who were there shopping with other women, stared for a couple seconds and then jolted back to their business. She was totally unaware (supposedly) that, as she passed by, every guy was doing a double-take. Every. Single. One. The minds of those guys were feeding on the bait. Drawn in by the hook that could very possibly lead them down to destruction.  

It fills my heart with sadness. And an urgency to produce change. Sex is selling these days and it is no accident. Women's magazines, even teen mags, are loaded with sex and soft porn. Women are tricked by the lies of society. The devil has so darkened the minds of fashion designers and Hollywood that women and girls buy into every little bit of it! The men are no different. The world makes women look like a toy or a sex trophy and women believe it so men treat them that way. Thanks a bunch to the media, women's magazine producers, and those who set the fashion statements worn by all today. Modest clothes are hard to find! Modest and yet attractive clothes are even harder to find! Its like searching for buried treasure. And yet it is not impossible. There's still time to change the course of history. Just keep what is secret, a secret!!! There's a reason its called 'underwear'. We as women have a responsibility to treat ourselves with dignity even if society doesn't. We have a right to respect and protect ourselves. Will you?

Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. Proverbs 31:10 

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  1. So true! Thanks for posting!